Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stash enhancements and New Socks

Last Saturday I went the LYS and checked out what she had left for her 1 day only Winter sale. I really didn't expect to find much as I arrived only 20 min before she was closing for the day. However I did manage to come home with 11 skeins of Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Dungeon which is charcoalish black tweed. Also I snagged one last skein (in this colorway) of Noro Big Kureyon in this amazing mix of colors. It looked so loney... I couldn't leave it behind!

Also sock progress.. or lack of it. I started another sock.. in some yarn I got from a swap in the Monkey pattern from Knitty. For once I'm actually knitting something that is currentish in the blog world. Imagine that. So far I have only accomplished one repeat but I think its looking cool.
I ran into a snag on my Columbine Peak socks... I had a moment of stupidness and instead of starting on row 7 of the chart (where I had left off the last time I touched it) I started at row 1... then after about 4 rows I wondered why all of a sudden it was looking strange. DUH! I figured it out and ripped back those rows but with the yarnovers and such I just couldn't seem to make it look right. I was only 1 1/2 repeats into the pattern anyway.. so I ripped all the way back to the ribbing and now I have to start it again. Maybe I should use lifelines on my socks! At least I hadn't gotten too far.. and what I did get done knit quick. So thats ready to start again. I definately learned something from that lesson.


beverly said...

Just wanted to let you know that you should be hearing from your KMKS angel soon.

Kelly said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am currently getting ahold of brittany again and hoping that I have to lovely customer service that I have become used to. I am always breaking those tiny little size 2's while making socks.

Glad that you saw my blog...I love comments, lol. And thanks for the comment on the's just a basic one for now but Im going to make a better one very soon and then it will actually be a good looking one, lol.


jessie said...

This is why you should never ever put your knitting down!

Seriously, that is the hardest part for me (about knitting), losing my place and not realizing it. I'm always a bit worried when I pick it up again that i won't be able to get it right, and even though this is rarely a problem, sometimes it's enough to keep me from finishing a project. Isn't that terrible?