Thursday, May 15, 2008


What a busy week it's been. My aunt had some surgery on Tuesday, nothing major or too serious. By the time we got up there, had the surgery and came home the day was shot. I stayed with her that night in case she needed something. I wish I had taken my camera with me. She lives in Monkton and has this amazing view of Monkton Ridge from her front porch. No matter what time of the year it's beautiful. Her house sits high and you look down at the Dairy farm below in the valley. Very picturesque.

I worked on getting more garden in this week. I purchased some Heirloom Tomato plants from Pleasant Mount Farm in Huntington. She has great stuff! I had some really great luck with her Tomato plants last year so I decided to try it again. I was thinking about buying the seeds and starting them myself but by the time I priced it out it just didnt seem like any savings. I purchased nine plants, two are cherry size. One of those is the Orange Cherry tomato that I got last year. Those were amazing in flavor! Sweet as could be. Both plants got huge and just never seemed to stop yielding. I had a lot that I picked late and was able to still eat into the beginning of December! Thats just sitting on the counter too, ripening slowly. I also got the Green Zebra Stripe very pretty and super sweet in taste. Other than repeating the three that I remembered from last year I told her to "mix up the rest". I like how she wrote a name stick for each plant.
I also picked up some Leaf Lettuce plants, Pansies and Stock. I love that way Stock smells, like baby powder. I think she also has the best colors of pansies. I can never choose just one.
I had already planted some leaf lettuce and it is coming along, though tiny still. But I'm inpatient for it and the plants I bought yesterday are of a nice size and I could be picking leaves in a week or two at best. I figure between mine (if it does ok) and purchased plants I'll be set.
After planting my Tomatoes, Lettuce, radishes, cukes and planting another row of Peas I realized I still have more space in my garden. I'm thinking some carrots and maybe onions in that empty space.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Stash

Lately the knitting needles have been taking a break. In fact it's been a long break so far. I didn't intend for it to happen it just did. Most of my knitting time happens in the evening during tv time. But there hasn't been much on tv lately and I've been getting home from later and later due to time spent at the gym. Thats not really a bad thing just bad for my knitting. If I'm really truthful it's not just the lack of time knitting its been a lack of interest too. I used to be on Ravelry A LOT. I'd sneak in there inbetween busy work times, early morning and late at night. I'm lucky if I can claim to half a dozen visits in a week now. Guess I'm just in a knitting slump! But I'm definately not in a sewing slump! These items arrived at my house yesterday from Vogue Fabrics.

This some blue and brown cotton lawn that I scored for 1.99 yd! I couldn't pass it up. I also bought the following Brown cotton lawn as well. Same price. I took two yards of each. I was originally thinking skirts but they (at least one) may end up as a top instead. It's a rather sheer cotton so whatever I decide it will need some lining or a tank underneath. Still I love these prints. I think they are very Amy Butlerish.

Then I also saw this chiffon sheer for 1.99 yd. I grabbed just one yard thinking it make a cute sleeveless top as well (again requiring some sort of lining). I love the gold thats worked through it.

The last find I have to post is the Blue Merino Wool knit. I LOVE this color. The fabric has a nice light drape, not heavy at all. I purchased 2 yds thinking some sort of a jacket but now it may be a top. I'm gonna hold off before making any final decisions as the new fall patterns will be out soon.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I finished my blouse from Wendy pattern 3835 that I wrote about last time. It came out really cute. Of course there are no pictures of it yet. Lately all my days off from work have been dreary rainy ones. The lighting has been lousy. I like to take as many shots as I can outside or during the day inside if I have to. But it's just been too dark and dreary. Tomorrow is supposed to nice so I'm really gonna try to get some shots. I have quite a bit of things to post about.

Back to the blouse pattern. This pattern has been a definite success so far. I've worn it three times already. I made a second one right after in a linen/rayon blend. Its a natural linen color with dark blue stitched daisies on it. It came in other thread colors. Very cute. On this however I modified the pattern a bit. I think I'll take some detailed pictures of that and post more about my mods next time.