Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mr. Berkley

I just realized that I have't posted any pictures of my master yet...
FYI, no kitties or mardi gras beads were harmed for the taking of this picture.
Aint' he Purrty!

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Big E! Warning! Lots of Pictures.

Last Saturday I went to the Big E. What is the Big E you ask.. only the largest fair in New England. It's located in West Springfield Mass. I went on a bus trip with family for the day. I've always wanted to attend the Big E and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go.
We left early and didn't get into the grounds until about noon. The fair was huge and packed is truly an understatement. I can't remember seeing so many people at one time.
I think the best way to describe the Big E is its a combination of fair, craft show and Early American History (complete with original buildings and people in costumes). How cool is that?

After seeing this sign we were in a crawl of traffic for another hour! This was several miles awayw from the fair. Just an idea of the masses en route to The Big E! (to enlarge any pictures just click on them, for those unfamilier)

Inside the "Vermont Building" were banners and lots crafts/Artisans I recognized. The building was packed, you couldn't move!

Just one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the Vermont building that depicted life in the Green Mountain State.

Here is the outside of the Vermont Building. Each New England state had its own building and I they appear to be replicas of that states capital. Very cool!

Here is one of the Historic Buildings with peroid garbed tour guides outside.

This was in the "Blacksmith Building". This is the only indoor picture I got inside a historic building. This is before I saw the sign that said "Don't take pictures inside".

These are from a mid 1800's Chuck Wagon. Only needs team and driver!

I can't remember the name of this but it's an automated orchastras. It was neat to watch. I saw at least a couple of them on the grounds.

Here is Big E official building. Even though it was overcast it didn't rain.

This race game for kids was the coolest. I wish this was at the fair in my area. I know it would be soo popular with all the NASCAR fans!

At 5pm promptly there was a Mardi Gras parade. Complete with an eight Mule Team!

and Clydesdales......

and Floats....
and thats it!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's that time of the year again. The time when air gets cooler, the grass grows slower and the leaves start to fall. You know that soon it will be time to reunite with your heavier sweaters and flannel sheets. For me it becomes a time to reunite with my WIP. Time to dig to the bottom of the pile in the knitting basket. Get the pattern and notes out and try to figure where I was and wonder why I didnt jot down what I was doing the last time I worked on it. It would be so helpful if I could get myself into that habit. Someday.
During the Summer months my knitting tends to languish in the baskets scattered around the house. A partially finished sweater here, three or fours rows of something started there, perhaps half a sock somewhere, pattern MIA. They are scattered and oh so neglected. They sit for weeks and months alone. All the I still shop for yarn and new patterns. But dont put the new yarn in the same basket as an old wip... there could be some jealousy because of all the new guys in town.
Well come Fall I start to dig out the old guys and wonder "how come I havent finished this one? I could wear it now." Interest is renewed... romance rekindled.. the love affair starts again. Currently there two such loves right now. Lopi Pullover and Mohair Boucle Raglan.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still Life and Sock Gnome

I'm so happy, I feel like I finally got out of my knitting slump! I have a sock and a Christmas Stocking that are just flowing happily along! FINALLY! I was thinking I might have to see some sort of "Knitting Therapist" or something. First up is my Mistletoe along stocking. I'm using a pattern from Holiday Handknits that I have modified so far. It is knit back and fourth then seamed down the back. So far its motoring right along.

Next is my other sock that I started last night. Its knit with some Fortissima Colori that I got from I only bought single skeins of a bunch of differant colors. I know I can make a pair of kids socks with just one ball. I'm thinking just some short socks for from just one ball. I dont know what color this is called but it reminds me of Autumn so I grabbed it first. I thought I would let the Gnome model it. I made him a few Summers ago in my Ceramics class. This year he has spent the Summer guarding the back door.

Monday, September 11, 2006

New Swaps/Alongs and New Wheels

I don't have any real pictures to post. Only a couple things I joined recently. I joined the Knitter's Tea Swap. Should be fun. I love tea and yarn. How can you go wrong?

I have also joined Laura's Mistletoe Along. This will be my first "along". I plan on making a striped stocking in the leftover Manos yarn using the Handknit Holidays Stripped pattern as at least a guide. I've got all these little balls of leftovers from an afghan I made. I think it will look cute and countryish to hang for Christmas. I intend to keep this stocking for myself. I've been sort of collecting homemade stockings for myself. I have a couple others that I sewed using jewel colored velvet fabric with the cuff done in a gold or silver Lame. They turned out soo pretty and look nice just hanging them where ever. On a door knob, a hook, all over the house. I love stockings. I'm definately excited about this along. It will be cool to add a knitted one to my collection.

I also joined the SP9 too. There isn't much to say about that yet. It really hasn't started yet.
This last Friday I picked my new/used wheels. I had to retire the 93' Subaru Impreza.. transmission issues and other things (needed some serious body work) . The cost was just more than the car was worth. I will miss that car along with all the bells and whistles it had. Namely the automatic car starter! Such a treat here in the North East. My new ride is a 99' Chevrolet Cavalier. My first American Car. She is in mint shape and drives (and looks) new. I'm happy so far. The real bonus here is that my brother would never work on my Subaru or other foreign cars I've had. He would say he didn't have the experience or knew enough about them to fix anything. He is a "Chevy" man all the way. So I asked him, "if I buy this Cavalier you'll fix it if anything breaks, right?".... he said " I guess so". No excuses this time! At this time is runs great but you know the way it is with cars. Also I made an appointment for the automatic car starter installation... Winter is coming.. what's a girl to do?

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Good News and the Bad News

Ok, so I went to the fair last night and checked on my stuff. I found my jam and I won 3rd Place! Yeah Yellow Ribbon for me and a $2.00 premium. Then I tried to locate my Dahlia's and they could not be found. I asked one of the attendents and she said they didn't win a ribbon and that either they died and had to be thrown out.. or they weren't even added to the judging if I didn't have the correct amount of blooms on them. So after much discussion of the vagueness of they rules and criteria in the handout.. it's probably the later that happened to them. So the flower entry didn't work out for me this year. Next year I'll know a bit more about it.
There must have been a run on Yellow Ribbons cause my dad won TWO as well! He always enters his Horseradish and usually some sort of vegetable. This year it was Red Potatoes. I can't pick up my stuff until next week. But at least the rest is done!