Friday, September 29, 2006

The Big E! Warning! Lots of Pictures.

Last Saturday I went to the Big E. What is the Big E you ask.. only the largest fair in New England. It's located in West Springfield Mass. I went on a bus trip with family for the day. I've always wanted to attend the Big E and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go.
We left early and didn't get into the grounds until about noon. The fair was huge and packed is truly an understatement. I can't remember seeing so many people at one time.
I think the best way to describe the Big E is its a combination of fair, craft show and Early American History (complete with original buildings and people in costumes). How cool is that?

After seeing this sign we were in a crawl of traffic for another hour! This was several miles awayw from the fair. Just an idea of the masses en route to The Big E! (to enlarge any pictures just click on them, for those unfamilier)

Inside the "Vermont Building" were banners and lots crafts/Artisans I recognized. The building was packed, you couldn't move!

Just one of the beautiful stained glass windows in the Vermont building that depicted life in the Green Mountain State.

Here is the outside of the Vermont Building. Each New England state had its own building and I they appear to be replicas of that states capital. Very cool!

Here is one of the Historic Buildings with peroid garbed tour guides outside.

This was in the "Blacksmith Building". This is the only indoor picture I got inside a historic building. This is before I saw the sign that said "Don't take pictures inside".

These are from a mid 1800's Chuck Wagon. Only needs team and driver!

I can't remember the name of this but it's an automated orchastras. It was neat to watch. I saw at least a couple of them on the grounds.

Here is Big E official building. Even though it was overcast it didn't rain.

This race game for kids was the coolest. I wish this was at the fair in my area. I know it would be soo popular with all the NASCAR fans!

At 5pm promptly there was a Mardi Gras parade. Complete with an eight Mule Team!

and Clydesdales......

and Floats....
and thats it!

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