Wednesday, September 20, 2006


It's that time of the year again. The time when air gets cooler, the grass grows slower and the leaves start to fall. You know that soon it will be time to reunite with your heavier sweaters and flannel sheets. For me it becomes a time to reunite with my WIP. Time to dig to the bottom of the pile in the knitting basket. Get the pattern and notes out and try to figure where I was and wonder why I didnt jot down what I was doing the last time I worked on it. It would be so helpful if I could get myself into that habit. Someday.
During the Summer months my knitting tends to languish in the baskets scattered around the house. A partially finished sweater here, three or fours rows of something started there, perhaps half a sock somewhere, pattern MIA. They are scattered and oh so neglected. They sit for weeks and months alone. All the I still shop for yarn and new patterns. But dont put the new yarn in the same basket as an old wip... there could be some jealousy because of all the new guys in town.
Well come Fall I start to dig out the old guys and wonder "how come I havent finished this one? I could wear it now." Interest is renewed... romance rekindled.. the love affair starts again. Currently there two such loves right now. Lopi Pullover and Mohair Boucle Raglan.

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