Tuesday, November 01, 2011

post Halloween project list

Whew - Halloween is finally over.  My sewing room is no longer the sweatshop of costume making that it has been.  Sunday was about cleaning, straightening and organizing for the next flow of projects.  Before any Christmas crafts start I am in need of a belt for my jeans.  I've been wanting to try one of these patterns forever.  I was thinking of doing one in Fall colors and prints -warm hues.
I was thinking of a patchwork one with maybe a single piece of fabric on the other side. 

Here is a few links for the tutorials that I have gathered -





Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween sewing

I made a skirt and cape for a friends little girl for Halloween.  Her mom was going to dress her up as a witch so I was inspired to make some of the costume components. I had the Halloween toile in my stash- black with spider webs with sequins and glitter.  I added a ribbon flower for some pizazz.  The cape was just from a sketch of a pattern I threw together.  It was a black velvet lined with a deep purple satin that had embroidered oriental motifs.  I just loved the satiny contrast to the black velvet.  I expect this will end up being more of a play costume than a Halloween costume. 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What have I been up to?

Its been a long long time since I posted here. Too long. I'm going to try to really make the effort this month. Anyone else out there tired of Winter too? I don't really mind the snow so much as I'm just minding the damage to house from it. I suppose I should consider myself lucky my roof hasn't fallen in but come Spring there will be plenty of cleanup work. This last weekend I had ice that came off the roof and it damaged about 4 sections of vinyl siding - puncturing holes all the way down. Looks like it damaged a couple of window screens in that process too. Now come Spring I can replace siding and screens - along with the usual cleanup. Oh well - things happen.

I keep trying to focus on the garden - what seeds I'll need. I'd like to completely redo my raised veggie bed. With new untreated wood sides and extend the length by a couple of feet as well.

I signed up for a couple of gardening classes at the local Gardeners Supply. I signed up for the Small Spaces this Saturday and the Composting later in the month. I'm looking forward to the planning of the garden this year. Also after the class I can browse around and check the Outlet store! You can never have too much garden stuff - well I don't think so.