Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cocoa Swap Question

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

I think the most memorable vacation I had was a few years ago when my parents and I decided to visit Amish country in Ohio. At that time mom and dad still had their tagalong camper. We camped in a great little place right near the Amish area were were visiting, Charm Ohio. It was unusually humid that week but otherwise it was a great trip. The arts and crafts were amazing, wonderful fresh produce stands everywhere, the people were so nice and beautiful countryside. I really want to go back again. I think that was my most favorite and memorable vacation.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cocoa Swap Topic of the Week


"Now that we're in the thick of 'Winter'... has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton to wool, superwash or heavier cottons?"

So far I don't think my knitting has changed. Even though it's the middle of Winter, for me in Vermont the cold will drag on and on until May. Even in May I'll be wearing light to medium weight sweaters. So thats like five more months of cold weather knitting. I knit socks year around,regardless of what fiber they are. I'm still planning more scarf/muffler/fingerless mits and hats in the next couple of months. I also have two sweater projects that are on going. One I would like to finish before Spring. It's about 75% done so it's it's definately doable. I start doing Winter in the late Summer so it seems most of the year I'm making cold weather things. I have been browsing ahead thinking of Spring/Summer knits. It's hard not to when the big pattern/yarn companies are coming out with their new stuff right now. But I haven't purchased anything or settled on anything in particular at this time.

Cocoa Swap Scavenger Hunt

A little late, catching up.

1. Who's favorite animal is an Otter? Anne K
2. Name someone who prefers whipped cream with their hot cocoa. Angela A-H
3. Find 3 people who live outside of the United States Ana Sofia F., Angela H, Bianca B.
4. Name a fan of Harry Potter. Angela T
5. Name someone who crochets. Paula B-E
6. Name someone who DOES NOT have a healthy supply of notions Ashley R
7. Name someone who has NOT put up their questionnaire yet (just put a date with your answer in case they put it up after seeing their name listed somewhere ;-) ) ..Couldn't find anyone now
8. Who likes to have Kahlua, Baileys, or Peppermint Schnapps in their cocoa? ME!
9. Name someone who knits fingerless gloves as a 'quick knit' Rachel C.
10.Name someone who's looking forward to gardening this spring. Amanda D., Amanda R
11.Who's favorite way to drink cocoa is with a gorgeous Frenchman, while overlooking the eiffel tower from a French Cafe? (I'm right there with you... well at the table next to yours!) Kris L.
12.Name someone who's favorite animal is NOT a dog or house cat Amanda D.
13. Name someone who's favorite treat is NOT chocolate. Alice A.
14. Who plays Candyland? Criquette
15. Name someone who DOESN'T get the winter blahs. Bea R.

Back from Vacation.

Well vacation is over and now it's back to work. Bleh! I don't have any pictures to post today at least none that are knitting or vacation related. I took my knitting with me on vacation. I packed four projects thinking I'd get so much done but I only managed to finish one thing, though I worked a bit on two other ones. I completed one sock that will probably be gifted to my dad Christmas 08'. Yeah for early Christmas knitting! Now I have a whole 11 1/2 months to finish the other one.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap Questionaire.

1. What is your favorite way to drink cocoa? Prepared with milk? Water? from home made recipe or store bought?, In a tea cup, or big mug?

Most of the time I drink cocoa packets with hot water. I like to add some milk or half & half for a creamy taste. The packets are easy and quick. If I have time then I will make it homemade. Hot milk, cocoa powder and a little sugar. Also I like to add a candy cane to my cocoa..I love that peppermint chocolate combination. Now my all time real favorite way to drink cocoa is with a shot of Doctor McGillicudies and whipped cream! A little Christmas Hot Toddy for me!: )

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?

I like both!

1. What is your favorite type of yarn? In what colors?

I guess I tend to lean toward soft wools or wool blends in deep rich colors. Though I also like natural tones too.

2. Do you knit or crochet (or both)?

Mostly I only knit. The crochet needles only come out when I need to pick up stitches or fix mistakes.

3. What are your favorite type of needles, would you like to try something new?

I prefer circular or double points. I've pretty much abandoned my aluminum needles and use my wood or plastic ones.

4. Do you have a healthy supply of notions?

Yes I do, and about three chibi's. I'm not lacking in this dept.

5. What one thing do you keep thinking you need to buy for your knitting habit (outside of yarn)?

I really can't think of anything in particular. Through swaps I have acquired many items. I am usually on the lookout for unusual or odd looking accessories. I have been drawn to knitting lace more and more. Thats something on the new side for me.

6. What is your favorite 'quick knit/crochet' pattern (quick gratification)

There's a mitten pattern I use a lot. I like to modify it for finger mitts. I've used the pattern multiple times. Also I have used the "Classic Socks for the Family" by Melinda Goodfellow. I can't even count how many times I'ves used it now.

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter?

Watch movies and knit with some cocoa at my side while it snows outside!

2. What is your favorite animal?

3. Do you get the 'winter blahs'?

Sometimes I find the month of January to be the longest.

4. What is your favorite way to beat the blahs?

Try to keep busy on my WIPS's and thinking about warm weather knits.

5. What is the thing you are most looking forward to this spring?

Getting my garden started.

6. What are your favorite treat?

I like chocolate (with or without nuts), anything peppermint or mint. I also love Jelly Belly jelly beans.
7. What is your favorite board game?

I'm not sure if I have a favorite board game, I like card games better.

8. Do you have any children (furry or human)?

No kids, just one cat.

9. Do you have any allergies or special considerations you partner should know about?
I dont' have any allergies to anything food or fiber wise.