Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What have I been up to?

Its been a long long time since I posted here. Too long. I'm going to try to really make the effort this month. Anyone else out there tired of Winter too? I don't really mind the snow so much as I'm just minding the damage to house from it. I suppose I should consider myself lucky my roof hasn't fallen in but come Spring there will be plenty of cleanup work. This last weekend I had ice that came off the roof and it damaged about 4 sections of vinyl siding - puncturing holes all the way down. Looks like it damaged a couple of window screens in that process too. Now come Spring I can replace siding and screens - along with the usual cleanup. Oh well - things happen.

I keep trying to focus on the garden - what seeds I'll need. I'd like to completely redo my raised veggie bed. With new untreated wood sides and extend the length by a couple of feet as well.

I signed up for a couple of gardening classes at the local Gardeners Supply. I signed up for the Small Spaces this Saturday and the Composting later in the month. I'm looking forward to the planning of the garden this year. Also after the class I can browse around and check the Outlet store! You can never have too much garden stuff - well I don't think so.

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John Delaney said...

I'm ready for Spring as well - although we didn't have the snow you all did up there. I will be able to plant my garden in about 3 weeks.