Monday, September 11, 2006

New Swaps/Alongs and New Wheels

I don't have any real pictures to post. Only a couple things I joined recently. I joined the Knitter's Tea Swap. Should be fun. I love tea and yarn. How can you go wrong?

I have also joined Laura's Mistletoe Along. This will be my first "along". I plan on making a striped stocking in the leftover Manos yarn using the Handknit Holidays Stripped pattern as at least a guide. I've got all these little balls of leftovers from an afghan I made. I think it will look cute and countryish to hang for Christmas. I intend to keep this stocking for myself. I've been sort of collecting homemade stockings for myself. I have a couple others that I sewed using jewel colored velvet fabric with the cuff done in a gold or silver Lame. They turned out soo pretty and look nice just hanging them where ever. On a door knob, a hook, all over the house. I love stockings. I'm definately excited about this along. It will be cool to add a knitted one to my collection.

I also joined the SP9 too. There isn't much to say about that yet. It really hasn't started yet.
This last Friday I picked my new/used wheels. I had to retire the 93' Subaru Impreza.. transmission issues and other things (needed some serious body work) . The cost was just more than the car was worth. I will miss that car along with all the bells and whistles it had. Namely the automatic car starter! Such a treat here in the North East. My new ride is a 99' Chevrolet Cavalier. My first American Car. She is in mint shape and drives (and looks) new. I'm happy so far. The real bonus here is that my brother would never work on my Subaru or other foreign cars I've had. He would say he didn't have the experience or knew enough about them to fix anything. He is a "Chevy" man all the way. So I asked him, "if I buy this Cavalier you'll fix it if anything breaks, right?".... he said " I guess so". No excuses this time! At this time is runs great but you know the way it is with cars. Also I made an appointment for the automatic car starter installation... Winter is coming.. what's a girl to do?


Jenifer said...

I am in Laura's Mistletoes KAL and am also a blogger. I have tried (and tried) to get the link to poormissfinch attached to her KAL button in my sidebar and can't seem to accomplish this! I am new at blogging...because I noticed your's is done, I was hoping you could help me out. Could you tell me what code you put in your Template to make it work?? Any advice you could offer will be appreciated. Thanks!

Michelle said...
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KnitNana said...

I'm in the Knitters TeaSwap, as well, and thank you for your comment when I "flashed my tea stash!" I love that cobalt kitty, too, she's a Fenton kitty...And the blue/white mug is from VT - how cool that you are there, too! I have family all over the state, tho' frankly it's dwindling nowadays as everyone ages...