Friday, September 01, 2006

The Good News and the Bad News

Ok, so I went to the fair last night and checked on my stuff. I found my jam and I won 3rd Place! Yeah Yellow Ribbon for me and a $2.00 premium. Then I tried to locate my Dahlia's and they could not be found. I asked one of the attendents and she said they didn't win a ribbon and that either they died and had to be thrown out.. or they weren't even added to the judging if I didn't have the correct amount of blooms on them. So after much discussion of the vagueness of they rules and criteria in the handout.. it's probably the later that happened to them. So the flower entry didn't work out for me this year. Next year I'll know a bit more about it.
There must have been a run on Yellow Ribbons cause my dad won TWO as well! He always enters his Horseradish and usually some sort of vegetable. This year it was Red Potatoes. I can't pick up my stuff until next week. But at least the rest is done!


mary said...

Congratulations on the jam. Sorry about the Dahlias and those taters look great.

Michelle said...

Thanks. I was dissapointed with the Dahlias. But oh well. A similar thing happened a couple of years ago when I entered a knitted item for judging. It temporarily got lost and I really don't think it ever got judged at all. I did get it back that made me mad. So I haven't bothered to enter a knitted item since.