Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Too damn much!

Tomarrow I go to the fair and see how my Blackberry Jam and Dahlias have done. I'm going to try to remember my digital camera so I can post it. Things have been nuts here. Still working on home improvement. I finished the wainscotting on the end wall in my den/living room area. I also got the new ceiling lights up.. wired and working! I still need to touch up the ceiling and beams and work on the other walls. I haven't done anything yet with the hole in my kitchen wall yet. I just haven't had the chance. I found out my transmission in my car is dying. So I have to find something else. It just doesn't seem worth it to bother fixing it when they said it could upwards in cost as much as $1500.00! I was hoping to get a couple more years out of it ... NOT gonna happen! So thats been stressful to say the least. I HATE CARS! At times like this you think that it would be easier to live in the city where at least there is public transportation. Even car pooling is a pain out here.. thanks to car issues and home improvement projects I'm on another self imposed yarn diet. Probably for the best considering I've stash enhanced all Summer.
So for crafty news... I started a new project but haven't got much to show for it. I cast on for a knit vest with a free pattern from Interweave Knits. I haven't gotten far enough to say if I like it yet or not. Also I wanted to show the cool homemade soaps I got from . I thought they would make some cool gifts to add to some knitted soap cozies. The soaps are from Gudonya. The Rosemary Geranium keeps teasing me, mostly cause its been sitting on my desk for a few days.. might have to sample it. If your not familier with Etsy its a site for selling/buying handmade products. I only just found it back this Spring. But there is some really cool and unique stuff on it. The Rosemary Geranium soap reminds me of sherbert. I also got Pear Glace and that smells soo good too. Its light and soft. I figured I could try them and perhaps order some more for Christmas. Yes I'm already thinking about it.. and have been doing a little shopping here and there for it as well. I can't wait until last minute. I like to be ready and not have to do last minute running around. Not to mention it doesn't hit the wallet so hard when you spread it out over the year.

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