Monday, August 14, 2006

Starting and Frogging and Can't make up my mind!

I think I'm suffering from startitis. I've cast on for I dont know how many projects and I've frogged about all them so far, some more than once. I just cant seem to make up my mind and stick with anything knitting wise. I'm in such a slump! I'm trying to get some socks started for Christmas but either I dont like the pattern or my ribbing seems too stretchy.. I'm afraid it wont hold up over time. I started a new sweater, but decided its not going to work. So to the frog pond it goes. Whats that saying "the road to hell was paved with good intentions"??? All my projects started out with good intentions.. but they aren't making it. Yet my stash keeps getting more and more enhancement. So far in the last month or so I've purchased more yarn, a swift, a winder and some sewing stuff. Here is a pic of 12 skeins of this Cascade 220 color Mustard that was marked down that I purchased with a gift card that I won. How cool was that! I also got this cute pattern that would make some cute Summer aprons/skirts. I wish I could find a project and stay excited about it long enough to do it!

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