Saturday, August 12, 2006

Berry Hunting

Its Blueberry season here in Beautiful Vermont. The last few days have been cooler which makes if perfect time to go berry picking. Last Tuesday I went with my aunt to Owls Head Farm to pick Blueberries. The picking was excellent. The bushes were soo loaded with fruit. You didn't have to go far to fill your container. Tuesdays and Thursdays are band nights. Local bands play outdoors in the hills while you pick. Some even had a picnic with them. It was great.
We didn't bring a picnic dinner. But we plan to go again in a couple of weeks. Earlier we went went to check on the Wild Blackberry situation for the State Fair Along. They are coming along and could probably be ready to pick in another week or two. So far all that was ripe were Black Caps and Scotch Caps. I did see two Raspberries there were hanging on that were quickly snatched up by yours truly.
Entering homemade preserves into the Champlain Valley Fair is nothing new to me. I have entered multiple kinds for the last several years and won every color of ribbon they offer. I have always wanted to enter Blackberry Jam into the competition. However thats been no easy feat. Blackberries ripen in the area right on top of the fair dates. Somehow I start out with good intentions yet I miss the cutoff time. This year I'm really trying to make the effort! But I plan on some sort of backup too. Every year I check and I've never seen anyone else enter Blackberry Jam.. I'm hoping this will be the year!

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