Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All talk and no new pictures

I have no new pictures to post of my progress... so I'll just tell about it instead. I've finished one sock of my Monkey socks so far. Looks awesome. I've started the second one and I'm maybe about a third done on the top so far.
I had to rip back my other sock of the Lorna's Laces that I had started. I messed up the pattern and there really was no fixing, so I frogged back to the cuff. I've restarted the pattern. I thinking maybe a lifeline wouldn't hurt on this pattern.
I started another new project... actually there are two new ones that I haven't blogged about. At work on break I've been working in a Ribbed Turtleneck Pullover in the Silky Wool. So far so good. It seems kinda lightweight for a wool/silk blend. I should've washed the swatch to see how it would bloom up.
Also I started a new Crewneck Vest in the Peruvian Sierra Aran from elann. I'm about ready to start shaping my armholes on the back. I've been motoring along on that. The pattern is a combination of one from an old Family Circle Knitting and an Interweave Knits issue.

So those are my new projects... now I'm gonna recap on some old stuff thats been hanging around too long. I was looking at my knitting pile this Winter/Spring and decided there were some things that could be frogged. One in particular is a sweater I've mentioned before. I bought the sweater kit at one of the local craft shows. I had completely drooled over the yarn at previous shows. I finally decided to splurge and purchase one of the kits. It's a mohair boucle handpainted yarn. It's really a gorgeous colorway.. called Mixed Berries... raspberry, blueberry and a tealish green. The pattern in the kit was for a roll neck with ribbed bottom and cuffs. At that time I wasn't a fan of the ribbing.. I was stuck on making all my cuffs and hems in the roll. So I modified the pattern... casted on, frogged, and casted on a few times before I finally had something I liked. However as I knitted the body in the round the colors began to pool and pool and pool and I liked it less and less. It languished for extended periods of time before I finally got as far as I did last winter. I felt like I HAD to finish it... that I'd come so far.. sleeves finally done and attached. So close to the neck area. But after being mere inches away from complete last May, it went back to the WIP pile again. Nearly a year ago now. Now after some time thinking about it, I've decided that the pooling is whats holding me back. I don't like it. At least not on a sweater. I know if I finish it, it will only lay in the closet and never see the light of day either. I think it's time to let go of the sweater and the guilt that I should finish it because it was a "kit and thats what it was supposed to be." The pooling only happened on the body and not on the sleeves. I'm wondering how it would be differant if I tried it on straights and maybe at a differant gauge. Either way I love the yarn, love the colors but this pattern isn't working for me!


jessie said...

The circumference of the sleeves is small enough to break up the pooling. No so much in the body! That's a shame because the colors are very pretty together, but it would have looked nicer if they had been broken up a bit more. It's so hard to tell by looking at the yarn what you're going to end up with!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the color pools! Handdyes are such cruel temptresses! If you were to start over, maybe alternating strands (knitting one row from the inner end of a ball, then one row from the outer end, or just switching between multiple balls) would break up the colors more, though it is a teeny bit tedious managing multiple strands and remembering to switch between them!

I've got your second package all wrapped up and ready to roll! I'll try to get it in the mail tomorrow.