Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gardening in 08'

The other day I finally took some pictures of this years Veggie and Flower beds. I like to compare them from year to year for layout ideas and improvements. What works and what doesn't. This year I planted more tomatoes, lettuce, spinach and peas. I planted less cukes (well maybe I didn't actually), but they are not in the garden. They are in a large flower pot with a tomato trellis for now. I think about half a dozen seeds sprouted up in that pot, some will need transplanting to where I don't know yet. So maybe if all my cuke plants make it I guess I'll have as many as last year. Anyway....
I also planted carrots for the first time this year. My radish seeds will need replanting as there was an accident with the window box they were in. DAMNIT! : (

I think I can still find some room for onions too, here and there. I really went to town I think on the lettuce and the spinach, but I love them and I like to have a steady supply. So much that now I don't believe I'll be purchasing any lettuce for the rest of the Summer. I hope! This is great for me because I eat salad daily and I go through a fair amount. I was just noticing in this picture that I can take out my white fencing and probably sneak in a couple more rows of spinach maybe...
I have planted some herb seeds off to the right in the corner but either they aren't doing anything or they are so tiny they look like a weed still. I think I'm just gonna till it or try to move them somewhere else. That empty space is bothering me and I could put something more productive there.
Normally I keep the herbs in the flower beds. They smell nice there and help with the bugs but this year I thought I'd get them started in the garden. Didn't think it would take this long.

In my perennial beds things are happening. My Bleeding Heart is GIANT. Compared to last year. I think this is the third year I've had it. It came from a coworker that I swap plants with. It was just a small guy when I got it. Now this Spring it has reached heights of nearly 3ft+. Not to mention the inner stalks on it. Looks like celery its so thick. I've counted at least two separate shoots from it so far. My mom has laid claim to one of them! I believe the neighbors septic mound is n the hill behind me. That particular bed sits below it. I think that's why everything I put in there does quite well! (PS. Ignore the weeds.. I need an edger)

Mmm, yummy Spinach and Lettuce just screams for a vinaigrette!

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