Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Post (yes really)

Ok, it's been JUNE since I've posted. Yeah really JUNE. Vermont Summers are short but certainly not a lack of things going on. I think this Summer and Fall have been non stop. I went camping four times this year. I spent one weekend in Montreal and went back for a day trip a month later. I tended to my garden and I am still tending to it now.. late Summer/early Fall lettuce still coming along. I quit my job at IBM of eleven years and started a new job a week later at : ) Am still waiting for my contractor to be available to start my kitchen renovations. Laid down new tile where my pellet stove will go (when it gets here). Purchased a beach permit but only got to once, due to the rainy weather. I know there is still more stuff.. but I can't think of them right now. All in all it's been one busy Summer and the Fall isn't slowing up either. This photo is of my tomatoes, spinach and lettuce from July.

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jessie said...

I wasn't worried!

Fall lettuce. I should have. I did late peas but they succumbed to frost after only two meals.