Saturday, June 10, 2006

Works in Progress

I took some pictures of just a couple of my wip's to post. I've just got way too many hobbies. But don't we all? Lately I've been trying to focus on this xstitch I started too long ago (that I won't even mention for the shame). Anyway it was meant to be a wedding gift. It still is. It's just a simple wedding sampler. So why is it taking me soo long to get done? I won't answer that question. I had a rocky start with it, but it has been moving along better. But for whatever reason it seems like its taking me forever to finish the borders of the hearts in squares. I was so happy just to get the bottom row done. Please ignore the nasty hoop marks on this. I dont have a scroll frame small enough for this. I would like to try the Q snap frames.( If anyone reads this and have used the Q snap frames I'd apprechiate any input. ) Though now I look at it and I probably didnt leave enough fabric along the edge. Well craft and learn I guess.

Another wip is this pair of socks. I'm finally on the heel of the second sock. The yarn is Mountain Colors weavers wool in burgandy. I got it off ebay last year and I've really liked knitting with it. It's softer than it looks. The pattern is the Ripple Stitch pattern from Mountain Colors. I like how these socks have a souchyness to them. They will make cold weather socks. The pattern has kept knitting these interesting. This is the first pair of socks that I have used a differant pattern other than my usual "Yankee Knitter Socks" on. This is my 7th pair of socks in my knitting history. In the same picture the Autumn Foliage yarn is also meant for socks. Though I wont go into a lot of detail about that now. But they will be a basic ribbed pattern...something on the manly side. This picture is dark and doesnt show the the pretty ripple pattern well. I should try to get some outdoor shots. My goal this year was to knit a pair of socks a month. Well so far this year I have knit almost 2 1/2 pairs. Thats a little shy of 1 per month. Not much of a dent in the 30+ skeins of sock yarn that are hidden around my house. But like my mom says "Yarn doesnt go bad". HA! I'll leave with a picture of a slice of my stash. Oh pretty yarn how I love thee.

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