Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Projects? Was I nuts?

This last weekend was productive, despite the heat. I felt the need to add to my wardrobe, particularly in the skirt area. I went to Joanns and cleaned up a bit on their friday/saturday sale. I got this pretty brown/multi colored paisley. Like Larissa I have got this thing for the color brown. Especially when its paired with dk. pink and blue. I've noticed the last few months I've seen more and more of this combo and I think "How come I never put them together before now?". Well I found this satiny/poly paisley that made a really nice skirt. That was Saturdays project cutting the pattern, the pieces and sewing them together. I amazed myself and only had to "rip" a couple of times. Due to my lack of recent sewing skills and not paying enough attention. Ages ago I saw this plaque or something somewhere that said "Ye shall sew, Ye shall rip". I think in my case it should read "Ye shall craft, Ye shall un-craft"! Well all my new skirt needs is a completed hem and maybe I won't have to dig so hard to find something suitable to wear to the next I event I have to attend. YEAH RIGHT! I dont have a picture of them semi-completed skirt to post. Also in the picture I am posting there is some blue rose and black poly and a brown linen blend. Yes more skirts. The fabric was 50% off ! The patterns were 1.99 ea. and thread was half-off too! Can't beat that. Also in the same purchase but not in the picture a lone skein of yarn was brought home too. Its kind of a curly eyelash yarn in a periwinkle color. Something new for the stash.
Also on another note I have joined the "State Fair Along". As soon as I can I will add the link to the sidebar. This is the year for Blackberry Jam, I can feel it! More on that later.

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