Sunday, July 09, 2006

I haven't forgotten. Honest

Seems like forever since I posted last. Things were busy along with a Holiday thrown in the mix. I finally got around to figuring some things out on the sidebar, like my buttons for instance. But they work now! Finally! I'm getting the hang of this.. bit by bit.
I was on vacation for the last week. I did a lot of landscaping and general outdoor work around my place. We finally had some breaks in the weather so I had to take advantage of it. Of course I didn't think to take any pictures to post.. oh well. I did do some knitting on my purple sock. Though it only has a heel now. I didn't bother to take another picture. I did make some progress on my paisley skirt. All thats left is a hem. I also got the pieces cut on the blue/black rose fabric one. Maybe sometime this week I can get to that.
Back to the holiday. We didn't have the usual gathering of relatives at my Aunts' house. It was work work work at my parents doing landscaping galore. Later on it was sore sore sore.
Also... looks like I won something on the State Fair Along! Cool... I never win.. and it's my first along! I'm still going to probably make Jam. The Champlain Valley Exposition isn't until the end of August.. so I have some time. I emailed them for a new 2006 entry book. They said they should be sending them out soon.

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