Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Stash

Last week before I left for the weekend I received another package from my Secret Pal.
Today I'm getting around to posting about it. Little late on posting... but I definately thanked them as soon as I got it! My sp sent me the Vogue Stitionary book. Which is very cool and is loaded with differant fair isle patterns. I love it and can't wait until I get a chance to practice with all the yarn she sent too! Theres a couple of skeins of Koigu Kersti and some chocolate bars. There were actually three bars but of that theres about one and a half left. I also got a sticky pad and some really pretty handmade stitch markers! Also not pictured but totally awesome non the less... were the special edition stamps with matching envelopes that were stamped on the day of issue. One was the Vermont State bird/flower and the other were the 4 stamp set of Cats. Very cool if your into stamp collecting! I have to admit that I've lost my enthusiasm for the new self-stick stamps. To me they're just fancy stickers. I like collecting the old ones better.
Thanks secret pal.

On another note Ohio was great. I probably spent too much but you'll have that. Glad I could help out the local economy there! I have to post this picture I took of this basket Building!


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's your sockapalooza pal here just reading your blog, getting some ideas. Hopefully I'll be able to decide on something that you'll love.

Secret Sock Pal

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, that's a big basket! I didn't know you were Sockapalooza-ing too - I've gotta send you more sock yarn!