Saturday, May 12, 2007

More New Stash ( yeah, like I needed it )

This last week the LYS had a sale on some Berroco Ultra Alpaca. The new colors are coming in for the Fall and they're making room! My kind of sale! I got some in Fern and Cobalt Violet. I have enough of the Fern to knit Ticuna from their free patterns site. I only purchased two skeins of the Cobalt Violet.. I'm thinking of mixing it with some other colors and felting up a bag of some sort. By the way, the greens are more darker in life.. the morning sun kinda washes it out... no that I'm complaining about the sun! Shine on!

I also got some Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in the Purple Iris colorway on sale too! I'm thinking now I must've been on a Green and Purple kick.

Not much new on my Monkey Sock progress. I messed it up on my trip to Ohio and was so annoyed with it I hardly touched it at all! Nearly 24 hours cumulative time on the bus ride and no knitting to show for it. I just wasn't feeling the love for my knitting back I guess. When I got home I ripped back and picked up again. Now I'm on the heel. I'm just happy to be at the heel!


jessie said...

I love green and purple together! Even if you don't use them together in a project, I love to see them side by side. :-)

Pennie said...

love those colors! Great blog enjoyed reading

Anonymous said...

Sweet new stash additions! I love the purple Monkey sock. That pattern really is all the rage :)

Anne said...

Ooh my mom would kill for socks in that purple colorway - that's really ncie with all the mix and such in there!