Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Secret Pal Exposed!

I received my last package from my Secret pal yesterday! I found out that its Mia from "Way Past My Bedtime". ! Mia your the best. I loved everything you sent! Your sooo generous! She sent Cascade 220, a Chibi, 2 Denise extenders (soo needed, Thanks!), soap (I like to put these in with my yarn.. makes them smell good), choc. mint Altoids, a dishcloth (I love those), Sugar and Cream cotton (I can make my own dishclothes now),beads (lapis stones are my favorite!), sock yarn (cool colors, I love the lime w/ the dk. blue!), mini muffins (those are so yummy), Scarf Style (yeah!), artyarns yarn (did you see they have a pattern on the label for a belt, would be cute I think), cute chicken tin can (how did you know I collect little tin cans?), 3 spools of ribbon (love the colors) and some first edition Quilt Stamps (never saw those, not sure if I even had quilt stamps, too cool!). What a haul! Thanks Mia, you rock!


Mia said...

I'd so glad you enjoyed the packages. I had a blast putting them together, so it's basically a fair trade!

Aren't the Gees Bend stamps neat? I'd never seen multicolor cancellations before.

Lone Knitter said...

Wow. You sure did get spoiled. Nice gifts! I love that your SP took the time to knit you that nice dishcloth, too.

mazzam again said...

Fantastic parcel-full. Someone sent me some of those chocolate mint altoids and the dog somehow got them from a high mantle shelf and bit through the tin!