Saturday, July 28, 2007


I haven't got any new pictures to post. Just plugging away on my Sockapalooza Pal's socks and hoping (really hoping) to get them done by the deadline. It's gonna be tight!
I got most all of my stash I wanted to login on Ravelry. Well at least the info is there. No pictures. That will be another undertaking some other day. At least I can see what I have or don't have or thought I had. If your on Ravelry and want shout out to me I'm mj05461.
It's kind of old news now but I see that the new sneakpeak of the Interweave knits issue is up! I'm really excited about this Fall 2007 issue. It's been a while since they've had one that there were actually more than one thing that I MUST knit. My subscription was up this Summer and I really debated renewing it. Seems like most of the patterns don't appeal to me or my body style. Well thats my personal view. But there are at least 3-4 sweater patterns I've got on my "to list" this issue. I say it's about time IK! Honestly the only reason I renewed my subscription was because Eunny is on board. I thought I'd give it one more year. I'm looking forward to see what she brings to the magazine. Some new ideas and new concepts.
I picked my first cucumber from the garden yesterday. The leaf lettuce is still going strong as well. I keep having to give it away. I think the "Deer Tongue" variety jumps up faster than anything I've planted before. Definately have to look for that next year! I haven't had to buy lettuce at the grocery for two months. My radishes didn't do much, all tops and no bottoms. My dad has the same problem.

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Lone Knitter said...

I love getting magazines, but I don't have a subscription to any knitting ones. Maybe I'll treat myself. Anyhow, you and your Aunt S. won a raffle prize! I'll mail it out this week or the next. Congrats and thanks so much!