Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

This last month has been too crazy. For about two weeks I was busy canning various types of pickles and salsa. The weather has cooled off and I've been busy doing outside home improvement. I've been knitting on my late Sockapalooza socks. After about 3 rip back episodes I'm finally a repeat and a half away from the toe! Finally they are almost done. Seems like these socks were the most uncooperative socks ever! It's not like the pattern was that complicated either, pretty easy actually.. easy to mess up.

I also picked up an old WIP project that I hadn't touched in months. Its a Turtleneck pullover in Silky Wool. So far I only have the back done up to the armhole dec., I cast on for the front.

I ordered some size 1 Harmony Knitpicks circulars. I haven't received them yet but so far on Ravelry I keep hearing good things.

Well today I leave you with my garden loot. This year I ended up with Yellow, Orange, Green striped, Purple and red tomatoes.

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