Friday, December 07, 2007

Long time no post

Wheew, I can't believe it's been so long since the last post. I blame Ravelry for that. If a post was equal to everytime I go to Ravely, there'd be volumes by now.
Well there's been plenty of knitting and some sewing going on. Trying to get ready for Christmas. But the elves can't seem to knit fast enough and the fabric is still sitting waiting to be cut, though it has been washed and pressed.
Mostly I have a couple of Christmas projects on the needles. But there's at least a couple more I'd like to cast on for yet. No pictures to share, : (.
I started a Cashmere scarf in the Feather and Fan pattern for my mom. It's on size 4needles and taking FOREVER to knit! I haven't measured the length of it but I keep weighing the skein. I didn't take an initial weight before I cast on but it was supposed to be 55grams and now it's 21grams. The pattern is soo easy and nearly mindless so you'd think it would go faster, guess I'm just slow. I was worried at first that the length was going to be kind of meager for one skein. But I think it's going to be plenty long enough at this point.
I'm working on a pair of boot socks for my dad as well. They started out being for my brother but they are 100% and I'm afraid his gf will not remember and toss them into the dryer. I'll make him another pair next year out of some superwash or something. At least if I gift them to my Dad, I know that Mom won't felt them up. She's good about hanging things to dry and asking how to wash it first.
I still want to knit my dad a winter hat with some ear flaps in some green yarn that will match the green scarf I knit him a couple Xmas's ago. I'm thinking that I will dedicate the rest of this week to the scarf and then I'll just start the hat.. I can motor on a hat in the round faster than I'm going on this scarf!
Did anyone else besides me take advantage of the Black Friday specials? I got a couple of items and they were both for ME! Whoo Hoo. I got a new set of anondized cookware that was a great price at Linen's N Things. Now I can part with my mismatched oddballs. But my best new toy yet is this pretty boy. Just in time for Holiday Cookie Making too! Its hard to see in this pic, but I got the Cobalt Blue one and it's sooo pretty. It's makes awesome Popovers! So light and fluffy can't wait to whip up some Oatmeal Orange Raisin cookies, and breads. I want to try some breads after the holidays.

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