Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Well it's been a busy time here knitting away and sewing up gifts and goodies. For most Christmas has come and gone, but here it's on Saturday. It was postponed due to young nephew wouldn't be visiting until Saturday. In years past he's come down to my parents with his father on Christmas day. But that was after he had gifts at his Great grandmothers Christmas eve, gifts at his house Christmas morning, then to his maternal grandmothers later for lunch and gifts.. then finally my brother would drive the hour (one way) to get him and bring him to my mom's later in the day. The result a tired pooped cranky child who just wants to play with his new stuff! So it was decided to postpone the gift giving until all could be there and take our time and enjoy the day! Good idea I think.

We had snacks and card games at my mom's on Christmas day and we had our stockings, but that was all. Margaritas were made and rum and cokes were enjoyed. It was a nice quiet day. The best part, an extra 5 days of knitting/crafting time before the "BIG" day! Whoo hoo. Resulting in pics today.

We'll start with a couple of sewing projects. My nephews room was just decorated in a Camoflauge motif. I made him a throw pillow for his bed. It's a sturdy cotton canvas fabric that will stand up to some serious pillow fights and anthing else a six year old can do to it. Also is a "Purr Pad" ,I call them. I just sew a piece of fleece and a cotton backing together with a piece of batting in middle. I also sprinkle some loose home grown catnip inside. You lay them where you cat has decided to call home. I take Berkleys' when we travel somewhere and where ever I put it is where he lays, cause he knows it's his spot. I found some cute kitty fleece and had already purchased the coordinating quilters cotton in the same print which I used on the other side. It's for my moms cat, Doc. She's been asking for one. (Notice my model in the background).

In knitting news I finished the wool boot socks for my Dad! FINALLY. I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough green so I just did the toes in the blue.

Also I finally finished the Cashmere Feather and Fan scarf. I didn't knit all the skein like I intended. But its the length she wanted 48" and I was getting soo bored. Now I have a small ball left, which I think would make some pretty lace bookmarks. A good stocking stuffer idea for next year.

I also knit up some Fingerless mitts too. One in a Elann Peruvian Sierra and the blue in the Knitpicks Superwash Merino. I have to finish the other blue one still. But they go fast.

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