Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Package Number Deuce

Today in the mail I got my winnings from the drawing for the State Fairalong from Larissa. She sent me some really yummy candies, a skein of Lumpy Bumpy Yarn in the Black Cherry colorway... so pretty, 2 skeins of Katia Buffalo in a cool greyish brown color, very cool and a sample of Stash tea in Chocolate Hazelnut. Its cool that she sent me this flavor because in the grocery store I would definately be skeptical about trying/buying chocolate tea. But this sample I will try. I'm curious to find out how strong the chocolate flavor is. The bulkly yarn will go perfect with my down winter coat.. though I'm thinking of maybe a muffler rather than a scarf. The coat is fitted around the shoulder and neck area and doesn't leave much room for a bulky scarf underneath. But a muffler might be just enough. I love the browns and pinks together!
Thanks Larissa, it was definately worth waiting for!

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