Tuesday, December 05, 2006

whats been going on?

I finally finished the Larissas' Meathead along hat. Here it is. I just embroidered a flower on a piece of felt. I was going for a postage stamp look. Its hard to tell that in the picture. I think it would look equally cool with a vintage brooch pinned to it as well. My mom thought a wool/plaid skirt pin would look nice attaching the felt square to the hat. I meant to search around for one for this shot but it never happened. Anyway its a completed item. Yeah!

I was looking through some past posts and I mentioned the Gnome I painted mom for Mothers's Day.. here he is. Along with him is a flea market of this Summer. I mint shape sugar bowl that matches my new teapot perfectly. This Gnome is much smaller than the larger one that I've shown in the past. This guy stands maybe 12" or so high. A far cry from the nearly 2ft giant on my back deck. I gave this one green eyes (eyes of the forest) and a green shirt, just to mix it up a bit. He almost looks Christmasy. Speaking of the Giant Gnome, he's currently in the shed hybernating. When the cold and snow is gone he'll be back. Until then he's watching over the rest of my ceramic/garden/clutter/people/animal menagerie in my shed.

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