Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa came... but no help from the elves!

Santa came and left me some great knitting gifts. However the elves were short handed and didnt make it to help with last minute knitting. Gifts of socks on sticks were given... and pondered over "How are we supposed to wear these? and Are we supposed to finish them?" My dad asked if he was going to have to knit the toe himself? (He who doesn't knit) I said "Sure if you like.. I'll teach ya !". He opted not to learn.. so socks on sticks were returned to the knitter for finishing process. Oh well.

Well Santa left me some 100% Merino fingering weight.. so I can dye it with my nephew using the Kool-aid process. I also got some solids to work in on toes and heels... a cool new book and #2 circ's to try the socks on circs method.. after of course sock gifts are completed. I'm tired of knitting for others.. I want to knit for ME! I'm a bit selfish with my knitting.... I can't help it.

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Anonymous said...

Santa brought me the same book! I'm leaning toward the Heelless Sleeping Socks as the first pair I knit.

It's funny, I started out knitting socks w/ 2 circs, then went to the Magic Loop method, and now I taught myself to use double points. Totally went backwards on that one.

Expect another package soon, I was able to drop it off at our post office on Saturday, so you should get it tomorrow hopefully. Hope you like it!

-secret pal