Monday, April 21, 2008

New Supplies

Last week Joann's was having a pretty good sale on new Spring/Summer fabrics and McCalls patterns at 99 cents! I think I went three times. It was crazy. These fabrics I didn't purchase at Joann's. These came from a newish Quilting shop in Williston called Strawberry-Rhubarb. Its a tiny shop but they carry Amy Butler and lots of other amazingly cute and modern prints. They also offer classes and a "Sew Night" time. It will be nice to have somewhere local to go for help on various sewing techniques.
It was hard to choose some fabrics there so I only got 1/4 yds of these four prints for now. I'll be going back there soon though as there are a few other things I'd like to get! I don't have the names of the particular fabrics with me but if anyone really wants to know just leave a comment. I love the Bunny one so much I had to have it in two colors. I think these cuts will be made into checkbook and eyeglass covers.. misc. things.

Also I finally got this drawer setup that comes with caster rollers for my scrapbooking paper. I only had some thin plastic envelopes to keep my paper in. They worked when I had a small stash but I've accumulated quite a bit more paper and the envelopes are just not cutting it. This makes more sense. Also it fits perfectly under my desk height counter top in the craft room. I can roll it out when I need it and roll it back in when I don't! I love things that are hidden out of the way. Plus each drawer is really a locking case. This will be handy when I go to my mom's to work on pictures with her.

I've also signed up for Wardrobe Refashion. I commited to the two month. The idea is make or refashion from what you have in your closet and not to buy new clothes. ! Lord knows I don't need any new clothes. There a ton of things that I have that can worked into something better not to mention the pile of mending I've got. We'll see how this works out. I think it's going to workout because I'm on a mission not to buy anything new. I joined Planet Fitness back in December and I'm really making the effort to eat healthier. I'm finally starting to see some results from that! I also have been holding off on starting any new sweater projects as well for the same reason. Lately I've been knitting for other people instead. I'll save those pictures and details for another post.

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