Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Winter Vacation

I was looking through old posts and I realized that I never posted any
pictures from my Winter Vacation in January. I went Royal Oaks in
Dundee Florida. It's about halfway between Tampa and Orlando I believe.
I went to visit my Uncle and Grandfather. They lived in a Mobile Home
Park. I was lucky the week I was there, it was in the 80's everyday
except for the last two but still in the 60's and sunny. That was a
nice change considering I was leaving 30's and snow at home.

The park was really nice. Very clean and well kept. Paved paths throughout,
everybody biked and walked. They had an outdoor pool and a jacuzzi as
well. I spent most of the week lounging poolside. It was entirely
relaxing and exactly what I needed. It was good to see my Grandfather,
he passed away about two weeks after I came home. It was sudden and he
wasn't sick at all until just before he passed. He was 97. I was lucky
to have gone when I did.

One day we did manage to go to a theme park, The
Cyprus Gardens. It was pretty there even though they weren't a lot of
flower in blossom. I think it starts full swing in February. They still
had shows and things going on so it was still busy.

I love this Butterfly Fountain.

This giant tiled urn is pretty cool. I wonder where I'd put that in my garden.

I even spotted a Gnome. He was in the Butterfly
Conservatory. There were beautiful plants, flowers and waterfalls all
built inside.

I especially loved the Giant Topiaries everywhere!

My Uncle took Gram pa on a water ride. Of course someone had to stay back and take the pictures. Ah shucks.

They also had a bit of an animal sanctuary too.

I'm thinking these retirees have it pretty good. This was a picture of the
activity board on one of the days. My kind of day! Though other nights
there was Bingo, Golf, Ladies Shopping day and even a band/music night.

There was also plenty of time for biking and raiding the nearby Orange and Grapefruit trees!
Retirement? I think I can handle it!

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