Monday, October 23, 2006

Aching Back and Finished Socks

How was your weekend? Mine was interesting enough. It snowed Friday night. It started out with rain. I went to pick up Chinese takout, got back at 5pm and it had just started to turn to snow. By the time I left mom and dads at 7pm there was nearly 6" on my car and the road. Of course there are no plows on the State/Local trucks yet. So it was a slow and slippery ride home. Unfortunately I didnt get a picture as it was gone by the time I got up the next day.

Saturday was spent re-laying my laminate flooring and undercutting door jams. Something the ex-contractor never got around to doing. Still on going reoccuring nightmares of contractor from hell. Due to most of the day spent on my hands and knees my body was in rough shape on Sunday and today. I thought coming back to work and sitting here would be restful. But I cant seem to get comfortable in this chair. Guess I was better off at home moving around.

Sunday some knitting got done. I finished the toe on my Stocking Along Stocking. Now it needs a seam and blocking. I also stitched the toe closed on a sock that was intended for me but looks like a candidate for Christmas gift list. No pictures today.


'chelle said...

My hubby and I drove through the fallen snow in Barre on Saturday morning on our way to NH. I couldn't believe it!

Hope your back feels better!

txdave said...

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