Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Christmas Socks and Stocking Along Update

Well Happy Halloween to everyone. I made some serious progress on my stocking for Lauras' stocking along. I finished the toe and seamed up the back leg! I added a braided loop to hang with but that was after I took this picture. I'm think I'm just going to wet block it a bit. I'm happy with the way it came out. Its huge, but perfect for filling with stuff.

I also made some progress on dads Christmas socks in the Knit Picks New England Foliage. I've gotten to the heel. I'm much happier with the ribbing on this sock. It's more snug and stretchy. I used size 1 needle and a K2P2 rib. As opposed to the usual k1p1 rib that always seems to stretch out. Right now I'm carrying along some wool/nylon to reinforce the toe and heels. The yarn is 100% merino wool. Hopefully they will hold up to my dad.
I also finished short sock that I experimented with knitting entirely on size 1's. They were meant to be for me but they are a little tight and I should've added more length to the top. I think instead of ripping it out I will just give these to my nephew instead. His foot is smaller and a bit shorter. But the gauge is more snug and it won't be long before he grows into them. I was going to make him socks for Christmas anway so now I'm just ahead of the game. I dont think he'll care that they are shorter. They are more like a slipper sock now.

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meg said...

The socks are great! Yes, I signed up for the Coffe/Yarn swap. Also..did you see the Knit Mitt Kit Swap? I signed up for that...these swaps are such fun!