Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap arrived!

On Monday my box was waiting in the mail for me from Lisa ! I got some cool Big Tex Jelly Beans ( tis' true what they say about everythings bigger in Texas). If I'd known my swapper was in Texas I would've asked for "1 live Cowboy to be shipped overnight". Oh well. Guess I'll have to live with only the yummiest Belgian Milk Chocolate with Lavender and pretty Sock yarn from Hill Country Yarns. : )
Of course all incoming mail, bags, boxes and packages must be "A-ok'd" by the Siamese Security System Technician. I think he works secretly for Homeland Security or something. Be nice if they would send a paycheck too once in a while.

Must have checked out ok because I was allowed to continue on . Check out the size of them Beans!

Here's a shot of Monday's Sky, and it's not even the best yet so far.

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