Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Craft Ideas?? You tell me

I'm a pretty crafty person. I'm not quite Martha Stuart, but I have a ton of her books and back issues of Living magazine that I just can't seem to part with. I've been known to hunt flea markets and lawn sales looking for a unique treasure. Something that I could incorporate into my home somewhere and give new life.
I stumbled onto this link this morning and I just had to share.

TAMPON CRAFTS get them while they're hot! I kid you not. Who knew? I didn't. I'm not sure if they are funny or distrubing. However I just cant see myself sitting down with my 5 yr old nephew making Christmas Crafts out of Tampons. I just know that would follow a slew of questions...
"Aunt Michelle what are these?" "Tampons, Nephew Tyler." "What are tampons? What are your making with them?"

It just goes down hill from here I know it! Can you imagine opening the latest issue of Martha Stuart Living and seeing holiday crafts with Tampons.. I dont think so. Or how about going to a Christmas Bazarr where there is plastic canvas and little old ladies everywhere and seeing holiday ornaments on display made from OB or Kotex.. (the thought of that cracks me up) I wonder if people really have made these things. These almost seem like something you'd see on late night tv.

I also have to admit to some cheapness here as well. There's no way that I'm going to waste a perfectly good tampon on the making of blow gun! See for yourself, make your own decisions... and answer this question " Will you be making any Tampon Crafts this holiday season?"

This is one of my favorites. He is cute in a weird funny way.

My brother used to make homemade potato and blow guns when we were kids. He never raided my moms Tampon stash to do it though..never thought of it... I can almost imagine him doing it then (due to the mean boy humor) but now I'm sure I won't be seeing my brother sporting this look at Halloween.

These lights are pretty funny. However I'm not planning on stringing them at my house. I can hear my dad now
" Hey Sis, what did ya make those lights out of?"
"Dad, you dont want to know."

*ps. This post definately goes towards WTF Wednesday!


jessie said...

I love my OBs, but they're like gold. I'd probably prefer something more budget-friendly. Are there any Q-Tip crafts?

(I know, not funny. But sheesh, tampons don't grow on trees....)

meg said...

Oh, My. How funny was that post! Ugh, and NO, I won't be making any tampon crafts....although the ghost was pretty cute.
Great, I will have this on my mind all day!!

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know what they were made of, I'd really think the christmas lights were cute. As in "this would be a good craft to do with my kid(s)" sort of cute. Ha!

your sp9 pal, stopping for a quick "hello"