Sunday, November 05, 2006

Still making Socks

I'm still plugging away on the socks for Christmas. I'm slow when it comes to socks.. or they seem slow anyway. My dad, brother and nephew are getting some simple basic designs for socks. I find that any pattern takes me forever to do with socks. Mostly cause I never get the chart/pattern memorized. I have to keep checking every row or few stitches to see what I'm supposed to be doing. Slowly they take form.
I started a worsted weight wool boot sock for my brother on Friday. I got past the cuff today.
I started the second sock for my dad. The other one at the heel waiting for me to pick up stitches. I thought that by working on them both I could keep the second sock syndrome at bay. Today is all about the cuff on that sock too. I cast on and did the cuff in the size 1 needles for those. When that is done I can maybe at least cast on for a mate for my nephews.

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