Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stash Enhancements

Today I thought I'd post about my new stash enhancements in the last couple of weeks or so. I got the latest copy of Interweave Knits of course. Some neat patterns but nothing I absolutely must knit right now. What I have really enjoyed is the new book Modern Classics by Louisa Harding. There is definately some things in there are now at the top part of the "to-do" list. Especially the sweater on the front. I was searching through my stash to see what I had for possibilities for this pattern. I found that the gauge requirements of the pattern and my Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is the same! I think I have enough too for the my size. Of course I havent swatched yet but hopefully I can find something in the stash that will work! Of course none of this is happening until AFTER Christmas. Or at least when my presents are finished.
Also I signed up to knit a Meathead for Larissa which I will be starting this weekend and probably finishing. More on that as it happens.

Also new to the stash are 10 skeins of Himilayan Sari Silk yarn. I got it from ebay. Turns out the seller was right here in my area. I able to drive over and pick it up and save on the shipping costs! Then theres 18 skeins of Elanns Sierra Aran in Blackberry Wine, 1 skein in Garnet and 13 skeins in Walnut. I plan to use the Blackberry Wine in a cabled pullover or cardigan... so I had to make sure there would be enough. I'm glad I got it when I did, that color is soldout. The Walnut is gone too, thats for a cabled V neck vest. It will go so nice with some blouses I have. I thought I'd use the Garnet (which looked darker on line) with any leftovers and make a scarf or mittens to match. The three colors looked good together online.. but now the Garnet seems kinda bright next to the others. I guess I thought it would be more of a Raspberry color. Oh yeah and cause I had finally spent enough at Elann I qualified for the $50.00 credit, 17 skeins of the Blackberry was FREE !!! How awesome is that! Oh and I used some bonus points from my book club and got the book for $12.00. Christmas is around the corner.. I have to economize ( and I dont feel guilty this way ) .

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meg said...

Sounds like your list of knittng projects is longer than mine! It all sounds fun! I have been busy making gifts.