Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Secret Pal 9 Strikes!!!!!

I was soo excited to get a package tonight from my Secret Pal!!! I was a little concerned at first cause the package was soaked on one corner... but thanks to the bubble wrap lining nothing got damaged. Luckily the Siamese Security Agent was on the job to inspect. Thank goodness cause check out the loot!!!

My pal got my the new edition of the book of Gnomes!! I've wanted this book since I was a kid.. and just never got around to getting it. Everytime I would see a Gnome I would remember this book that I only signed out of the library a trillion times! So the point where the librarian would say "Michelle, just brought this book back last week. Let someone else have a turn." : )
I love the pictures and Gnome information. If I see one in the woods I need to know these things. For years I looked for them... still looking. This book makes them seem soo real and possible.I almost ordered this book from my book club this weekend but I forgot all about it! Everytime my ceramics teacher gets a new Gnome to paint.. I snatch it up first! I painted one this Summer for my mom, I'll have to look for the picture. I can't wait to show the book to my 5 year old nephew! Well not to overshadow the rest of my goods. I got some gorgeous yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. It's perfect cause I have a sweater in my WIP pile that is nearly the exact colorway and I get off my butt and finish it I could have matching socks too! Also in the loot pile was a a Black (my favorite color of sheep ) Sheep measuring tape from Lantern Moon! Soo cool. A really pretty bookmark, that I almost didn't see in the book and awesome Gnome stationary and a notecard. The stationary is such a coincidence because I was just taking some pictures of my too large, lifetime love, obsession collection of stationary. Its true I love stationary... and I have some very old pieces of stationary from when I was in grade school. Leftover envelopes and sheets of paper... and I know where each came from and theres a story to be told behind all. More on that later...
But Secret Pal you rock! Thanks Secret Pal!! I hope you get spoiled too!!

ps. Did you notice the tissue paper matches Berkley's new collar?? How cute. >^- - ^<
Meow Meow


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it got to you okay! I had a lot of fun picking things out. More to come!

[It's funny, I checked that book out a lot of times, too. I had a nice walk down memory lane paging through it, I'll have to see if my library system has it.]

secret pal

jessie said...

My dad got me the Gnomes book when I was about 8 and I still have it and love it. What a great fantasy/nonfiction reference book!